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1998 SWOOPS Publications

Anagnostopoulos, G.C., A. Balogh, P.K. Marhavilas, A.G. Rigas, E.T. Sarris, and P.C. Trochoutsos, Quasi-periodic behaviour of ion events and wave activity upstream from Jupiter's bow shock: Ulysses' observations, Geophysical Research Letters, 25(9), 1533-1536, May 1998

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Bavassano, B., R. Bruno, and E. Pietropaolo, The solar wind alpha-particle content as a clue for the origin of slow flows, Geophysical Research Letters, 25(15), 2921-2924, August 1998

Bavassano, B., E. Pietropaolo, and R. Bruno, Cross-helicity and residual energy in solar wind turbulence: Radial evolution and latitudinal dependence in the region from 1 to 5 AU, Journal of Geophysical Research, 103(A4), 6521-6529, April 1998

Cooper, J.F., Errata to version 01 of SWOOPS electron user's guide entered into NSSDC's controlled digital document library, February 1998

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Erdös, G., and A. Balogh, The symmetry of the heliospheric current sheet as observed by Ulysses during the fast latitude scan, Geophysical Research Letters, 25(3), 245-248, February 1998

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Gonzales-Esparza, J.A., M. Neugebauer, E.J. Smith, and J.L. Phillips, Radial evolution of ejecta characteristics and transient shocks: Ulysses in-ecliptic observations, Journal of Geophysical Research, 103(A3), 4767-4773, March 1998

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Ho, C.M., B.T. Tsurutani, N. Lin, L.J. Lanzerotti, E.J. Smith, B.E. Goldstein, B. Buti, G.S. Lakhina, and X.Y. Zhou, A pair of forward and reverse slow-mode shocks detected by Ulysses at 5 AU, Geophysical Research Letters, 25(14), 2613-2616, July 1998

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Wang., A.-H., S.T. Wu, S.T. Suess, and G. Poletto, Global model of the corona with heat and momentum addition, Journal of Geophysical Research, 103(A2), 1913-1922, February 1998

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