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1993 SWOOPS Publications

Bame, S.J., B.E. Goldstein, J.T. Gosling, J.W. Harvey, D.J. McComas, M. Neugebauer, and J.L. Phillips, Ulysses observations of a recurrent high-speed solar wind stream and the heliomagnetic streamer belt, Geophysical Research Letters, 20(21), 2323-2326, November 1993

Farrell, W.M., R.J. MacDowall, M.D. Desch, M.L. Kaiser, R.G. Stone, P.J. Kellogg, N. Lin, N. Cornilleau-Wehrlin, P. Canu, S.J. Bame, and J.L. Phillips, Ulysses observations of auroral hiss at high jovian latitudes, Geophysical Research Letters, 20(20), 2259-2262, October 1993

Gosling, J.T., S.J. Bame, W.C. Feldman, D.J. McComas, J.L. Phillips, and B.E. Goldstein, Counterstreaming suprathermal electron events upstream of corotating shocks in the solar wind beyond 2 AU: Ulysses, Geophysical Research Letters, 20(21), 2335-2338, November 1993

Gosling, J.T., S.J. Bame, D.J. McComas, J.L. Phillips, V.J. Pizzo, B.E. Goldstein, and M. Neugebauer, Latitudinal variation of solar wind corotating stream interaction regions: Ulysses, Geophysical Research Letters, 20(24), 2789-2792, December 1993

Grün, E., H.A. Zook, M. Baguhl, A. Balogh, S.J. Bame, H. Fechtig, R. Forsyth, M.S. Hanner, M. Horanyi, J. Kissel, B.-A. Lindblad, D. Linkert, G. Linkert, I. Mann, J.A.M. McDonnell, G.E. Morfill, J.L. Phillips, C. Polanskey, G. Schwehm, N. Siddique, P. Staubach, J. Svestka, and A. Taylor, Discovery of jovian dust streams and interstellar grains by the Ulysses spacecraft, Nature, 362(6419), 428-430, April 1993

Hammond, C.M., J.L. Phillips, S.J. Bame, and E.J. Smith, Ulysses observations of the planetary depletion layer at Jupiter, Planetary and Space Science, 41(11-12), 857-868, November-December 1993

Marsden, R.G., T.R. Sanderson, K.-P. Wenzel, and S.J. Bame, Cospin let observations of recurrent energetic particle events during the in-ecliptic phase of the Ulysses mission, Advances in Space Research, 13(6), 95-98, June 1993

Moldwin, M.B., E.E. Scime, S.J. Bame, J.T. Gosling, J.L. Phillips, and A. Balogh, Plasma electron signatures of magnetic connection to the jovian bow shock: Ulysses observations, Planetary and Space Science, 41(11-12), 799-810, November-December 1993

Page, D.E., S.J. Bame, and B.E. Goldstein, Solar wind channels for MeV particles, in Proceedings of the 23rd International Cosmic Ray Conference, Wesprint, Potchefstroom S. Africa, page 258, 1993

Phillips, J.L., S.J. Bame, J.T. Gosling, D.J. McComas, B.E. Goldstein, and A. Balogh, Solar wind thermal electrons from 1.15-AU to 5.34-AU: Ulysses observations, Advances in Space Research, 13(6), 47-50, 1993

Phillips, J.L., S.J. Bame, M.F. Thomsen, B.E. Goldstein, and E.J. Smith, Ulysses plasma observations in the jovian magnetosheath, Journal of Geophysical Research, 98(A12), 21189-21202, December 1993

Phillips, J.L., S.J. Bame, B.L. Barraclough, D.J. McComas, R.J. Forsyth, P. Canu, and P.J. Kellogg, Ulysses plasma electron observations in the jovian magnetosphere, Planetary and Space Science, 41(11-12), 877-892, November-December 1993

Prange, R., P. Zarka, G.E. Ballester, T.A. Livengood, L. Denis, T. Carr, F. Reyes, S.J. Bame, and H.W. Moos, Correlated variations of UV and radio emissions during an outstanding jovian auroral event, Journal of Geophysical Research, 98(E10), 18779-18791, October 1993

Schulz, M., J.B. Blake, S.M. Mazuk, A. Balogh, M.K. Dougherty, R.J. Forsyth, E. Keppler, J.L. Phillips, and S.J. Bame, Energetic-particle, plasma, and magnetic-field signatures of a poloidal pulsation in Jupiter's magnetosphere, Planetary and Space Science, 41(11-12), 967-975, November-December 1993

Smith, E.J., M. Neugebauer, A. Balogh, S.J. Bame, G. Erdös, R.J. Forsyth, B.E. Goldstein, J.L. Phillips, and B.T. Tsurutani, Disappearance of the heliospheric sector structure at Ulysses, Geophysical Research Letters, 20(21), 2327-2330, November 1993

Smith, E.J., and K.P. Wenzel, Introduction to the Ulysses encounter with Jupiter, Journal of Geophysical Research, 98(A12), 21111-21127, December 1993

Suess, S.T., D.J. McComas, and J.T. Hoeksema, Prediction of the heliospheric current sheet tilt: 1992-1996, Geophysical Research Letters, 20(3), 161-164, February 1993

Suess, S.T., and S. Nerney, The polar heliospheric magnetic field, Geophysical Research Letters, 20(4), 329-332, February 1993

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